Simple Knitting with $pecial Yarns

… = special items with simple effort!

As much as we like working and experimenting with special yarns (slub, irregular boucle, feather, chenille etc…), we don’t use them often because they’re generally way beyond our budget. By a stroke of luck a friend who wanted us to knit her a cowl and a hat chose two very special yarns for the projects and bought each in two different colours too.

Here they are:

Pepe and Flower

The yarn on the left it’s a super bulky weight yarn made of wool (49%), acrylic (43%) and polyamide (8%). It has furry slubs which create small pompoms on the fabric and make it an ideal yarn for very cosy and extremely soft garments. It’s produced by Adriafil and it’s called Pepe, which means Pepper in Italian, although the colour combination we first used (a palette of brown, cream and gray) remembered us of chocolate fudge ice cream rather than pepper. In fact, while knitting it we were CRAVING for a cup of ice cream!

Anyway, we used this yarn to make a very basic hat, merely knit in the round in stocking stitch with a rib 1×1 hem. Here is how it looks on our friend Roberta:

Pepe Chunky Hat

And here is a pdf of the pattern: Pepe Basic Chunky Hat (click to download).


The second yarn too is a bulky weight one and has round shaped tufts which create little flowers on the surface of the finished garment (we suppose that’s why the producer, Sandilane, called it Flower Floating, a name which is in fact an accurate description of the effect the yarn adds to the fabric). It is a lovely yarn, which comes in beautiful palettes too (the one shown  below is light blue, navy blue and bright aquamarine). The only problem we had with it was that since it is a blend of acrylic and polyester, when we tried to knit it on circular needles it kept getting electrified and didn’t slide on the cable at all.

Anyhow, the project we had in mind (a cowl) was so simple that we eventually knit it flat: we just cast on 62 stitches, worked in garter stitch until piece measured 28 cm (11″) from bottom edge and sewed it along sides afterwards. Here is how it looks like:

Flower Floating Cowl

All in all two very simple projects which involve easy-peasy knitting and yet, thanks to the beauty of the yarns, result in fancy items!


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