Knitting Planner

Planner 2

When we finished a project and wanted to write the pattern down, one of the biggest problems we had was to gather up all the notes we made while knitting it. Notes which were unusually scattered around on every available scrap of paper we could find at the time: swatch notes and instructions on increases and decreases lost on old newspapers, stitch patterns we wrote down in that tattered squared notebook… where the hell is it now? We don’t know if it’s something every knitter experiences or if it was just us, anyhow… it was all very very messy!

Planner 1That’s why we created these printable Knitting Planners: simple sheet templates whit blank areas designed for yarns, gauge, measurements etc. We made two versions of the planner: one for small projects (requiring up to two different yarns) and one for more complicated projects. Each version includes a knitting graph sheet for stitch designs or multi-colour knitting.

So far we’ve used the planners for three projects (two small ones and one big project we’re still working on). They’ve worked just fine for us, so we hope other knitters would find them useful!

Click on names below to download a pdf file of planners:

Knitting planner – small

Knitting planner – large

Italian Translations available:

Knitting Planner – italiano Piccolo

Knitting Planner – italiano Grande

Knitting Planner small


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