Dangling Hat for Skiers

Sissi 2During the Christmas holidays a friend who owns a little kiosk near a ski resort asked us to make some hats that she would sell in her shop. The
task, then, was to design something cheap and quick to knit that at the same time would attract skiers.

Problem 1: all yarn shops in our area are extremely expensive and we didn’t have the time to order new yarns online.

Problem 2: one might think that skiing is just about spending a nice day outdoors and doing some sport, but, hey!, we are in Italy… fashion counts! Even on ski runs and especially on ski runs!

20130105_144100After experimenting a little with yarns and needles we eventually came up with this idea: a simple striped hat in three colours that would allow us to use up all our stash of bulky weight yarns. A hat that features a pompom attached to a long I-cord that will dingle (hence the name) behind skiers when they fly down ski runs, making them feeling cool, so-ooh very cool.

This is how we spent our Christmas holidays… knitting Dangling Hats! we made 10 of them and they are almost sold out (only two left).

You can open a pdf. file of the pattern by clicking here.

20130105_144031  Rosa e Blu


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