Oh the Bags!

Collage a 4

Weeelll… some of us have definitely going chrochet!!

It all started back in March when a friend told one of our Knitters about her project to start a stall at one of the summer markets which pop up like mushrooms in the Valley (there’s one in every small tourist town from June to September), to sell her handmade jewels and other DIY products. Some of us immediately got involved in this project and thought we could specialise in bags, which are quick and easy to make and usually sell well. ood at it, the first bag I made wasn’t bad at all, so I just stuck to crocheting. I didn’t follow any particular pattern.We just looked up some pics on google for inspiration and hooked as we went along, so we don’t have any pattern instructions to publish (sorrry!!).

Voilà, the pics here show some of the bags we made over the last few months. Some of them are unfinished (it’s difficult to find nice handles in the shops around here and we’re still waiting for an order we placed online two weeks ago to be delivered). Once they make it to the stall… let’s just hope our friend will be able to sell them. Otherwise we all know what our friends will receive next Christmas from us!

Borsa nera  Dettagli nero

Dettagli rosso  Borsa rossa


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