A Knitter Stranded on Padan Desert


We received an alarming email from our AlpiKnitter Mariù… and we thought we’d translate it from Italian so that everybody can read her knitting adventures… Here it’s what she wrote:

“Due to a family emergency I am currently stranded somewhere in the Padan Plain, the flat area surrounding Milan of which you have a picture here on the right (eleting, hey? and I must say that it doesn’t improve much on a sunny day). What is worse is that I am here without my yarns and needles and that there isn’t a yarn shop within a thousand miles. When I arrived here a week ago, first thing first I undid a beanie that I had once made for my uncle and never actually seen him wearing. I then tried to knit the ball of blue yarn using pencils, cooking sticks, even two small paint brushes… but they just didn’t work. Finally, in a supermarket I found a pair of  2mm [US 0] size circular needles. It was a leftover from a small haberdashery aisle they once kept, so they didn’t have any otehr sizes, nor did they have any straight needles.

Vodoo 1Nevertheless, it was a start. But what can you do with half a ball of 4Ply/sport weight blue yarn and a pair of 2mm circular needles? Something that you couldn’t possibly expect people to wear, something that will probably result in a bit of botched knitting, something small and tiny, something blue obviously. Well: blue, little, botched… something would immediately spring to mind to any addicted reader of Discworld novels as I am. And here it is: my little blue man! For those who are NOT familiar with Terry Pratchett’s works, this is not a vodoo doll, although I could actually use some vodoo in my current mood and especially after results of the recent Italian general elections came out. Anyway, still working on it… I only need to find some orange yarn now and I hope that I’d be able to publish the final project soon”.



2 thoughts on “A Knitter Stranded on Padan Desert

  1. Grazie Marilena! Eh sì, un’auto ci voleva… solo che sono una non-guidatrice (inutilmente patentata). Ora son tornata tra i monti, ma alla fine un negozio di lana ero riuscita a raggiungerlo nel centro di Pavia, facendomi 50 minuti di autobus… ne valeva la pena 🙂

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