Knitting in class in the UK

Despite our best intentions we left the blog dormant throughout the Christmas holidays, but this doesn’t mean that we have been inactive on the knitting front and we will talk about our latest productions in the following posts. Today we’d like to share a very interesting article we came across while surfing the web for knit-related news. Well, since the article was published more than a year ago, it isn’t actually a piece of ‘new’ news, but the initiative it discusses is still going on and we think it’s marvellous.

Boys knitting? An unlikely yarn | Education | The Guardian.

Very briefly, it’s about knitting clubs that have been created in primary schools all across the UK, in order [quote] “to introduce boys and girls to knitting, not just as a pastime, but as a technical skill that helps cognitive development”. Among the interesting facts reported there’s the revelation that not just girls but boys as well are enthusiastic about knitting and want to create objects for their everyday life. Who knows? Maybe in the next future a knitting community like Ravelry will see a rise in its male population!

More updated information can be found at this link ( on the website of the UK Handknitting Association which sponsors the initiative. The website also redirects to the association’s Flickr account, where pics of finished projects knitted in schools can be found.

Unfortunately, in Italy there is no equivalent of this association and it would be very difficult to open knitting clubs on a national scale. But maybe something could be done on a local level? Definitely something to think about.


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